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The LCR Chambers of Commerce support the Liverpool City Region Freeport.  The creation of a multi-gateway, multi-modal Freeport will allow key sites across the city region to attract new investment, create jobs, support the wider economy and increase levels of innovation.  

The designation of 300ha of ‘tax sites’ in three distinct locations represents a major opportunity to attract a range of investment and facilitate new job creation.  The designation of customs sites in strategic locations, utilising all modes of transport provides a resilient and diverse trade and logistics opportunity to strengthen the region’s position as an attractive location for global trade, inward investment and innovation.

The Liverpool City Region Freeport proposition focusses on meeting the core freeport objectives set out by Government: to establish a national hub for global trade and investment, promote regeneration and job creation and sustain a hotbed of innovation.  The Freeport is aligned to the City Region’s vision for an inclusive economy which is globally competitive, socially inclusive and environmentally responsible.

The Freeport proposal will build on key innovation and economic sectors to drive growth, investment, research and development activity as well as lead on solutions to meet the regions Net Zero Carbon targets for 2040.  The Freeport will demonstrate the key growth values of the City Region, including increased digitalisation, inclusive jobs and skills programmes, high environmental and employment standards and maximising the benefits for local people, in particular those in more deprived parts of the City Region.

The Freeport also has the potential for future opportunities in hydrogen, offshore wind and tidal power, ensuring the City Region becomes a focal point of the Government’s Net Zero ambitions and a global beacon for investment in renewable technologies.

LCR Chambers of Commerce look forward to working with the Combined Authority, Growth Platform and local partners on the delivery of the implementation plan and future governance and management arrangements as required.  

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