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Liverpool City Region’s five Chambers of Commerce are working together to help give businesses across the Region a voice, and strengthen the relationship between employers and training providers through a Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP).

LSIPs place employers at the centre of the skills system, and are uniquely placed to shine a spotlight on the actual skills employers need most in the workplace, but are struggling to find locally.

Over the last few months we have conducted an in-depth consultation, encouraging as many businesses as possible to have their say in shaping the future skills development and training in the Liverpool City Region.

These valuable insights are providing a representative and coherent employer view of the skills most needed to support economic growth and boost productivity in the City Region.

Take part in the latest LSIPs Survey HERE

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LSIP Conference 2024

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Please read our impact report from our LSIP Conference 2024.

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LSIP Stage 2 Results

To slice the data, you can press CTRL + Left Click on a particular field (for example Halton). This will split the data for only responses from Halton. To split the data again, simply press CTRL + left click on another set of data (for example Construction). The Dashboard has 6 pages (which can be selected using the tabs at the bottom), these are… Recruitment, Skills, Behaviours, Knowledge, Training and Apprenticeships.

Download the Local Skills Improvement Plan Final Report

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This report is the result of an extensive research project conducted over seven months by the five Chambers of Commerce in the Liverpool City Region, to identify the skills employers need most in the workplace, now and in the foreseeable future. 

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Will my survey responses be confidential?

Yes. We will use information about your business sector, size etc to assist with our data analysis and segmentation, however your personal information will not be shared or used alongside your responses.

Will it benefit the business to participate?


Absolutely, especially if your business struggles to recruit people with the right skills or find the right training for your needs in your local area. The more responses we get from each business sector, the more impactful our research will be.

How will my responses be used?


The insights gathered from this research will be compiled and analysed both on a Borough by Borough basis and as a coherent employer view across the Liverpool City Region.


It will allow us to identify the biggest skills and training gaps in the area and guide post-16 technical education and training providers over the skills and training that are really needed by businesses, so that they can shape their provision to fill these gaps.

How will this benefit the wider community? 


Our research will have a strong focus on identifying training that will support local economic growth and boost productivity. By supporting providers to deliver the right training and boost the skills most in demand in the local area, it will also improve employability and progression of those entering the labour market.

Will I be remunerated for my time if I attend a focus group?


Unfortunately not, your contribution is purely voluntary, but we will make a great cuppa and bring out the good biscuits!

How can I find out more about the project?


If you have any further questions please contact  who will be happy to help.


**We want to assure you that we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties for any purpose, including marketing or advertising**

Read Local Skills Improvement Plan Annexed Information HERE.

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